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GINOVA medical ag is a certified trade company and a global player in cleaning / decontamination of surgical instruments. We understand and optimize your wash process and provide you with the latest information’s from the marked. GINOVA medical AG supports their customers beyond the borders. We understand our customer's problems as a challenge, even after the purchase.Through our unique network, we offer our customers an ideal, competent and customer-focused advice and support before the purchase, while the purchase and after purchase process.


  • Puradet Zymebooster

    Puradet Zymebooster is a neutral enzymatic cleaning booster enforce Puradet Alka Plus or Puradet Alka Neutral, that is designed for decontamination of medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic instruments.

  • Puradet Rustpeel

    Cleaner for remove scales and discolorisation of instruments and washing chambers.

  • Puradet Panclear

    Puradet Panclear is a powerful blend of organic acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors that is designed to prevent the formation of water hardness deposits in bed pan washers.

  • Puradet Alka Neutral

    Mild alkaline cleaner with a guaranteed pH10. Special designed for automated cleaning of surgical instrument, OR shoos, and aluminum products. Best possible material compatibility guaranteed

  • Puradet Manuzyme

    Puradet Manuzyme is a powerfull cleaner using a blend of protolytic enzymes with synergistic surfactants that is designed for the manual and ultrasonic decontamination of medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic instruments. Manuzyme formulation is a highly effective and safe process for the manual and ultrasonic cleaning of endoscopes.

  • Puradet Clearrinse

    Acidic rinsing agent based on organic acids and surfactants. Suitable for neutralize alkaline residues and prevents water stains or components with inadequate water quality in the final rinse water

  • Puradet Alka Plus

    Puradet Alka Plus is a powerful alkaline detergent cleaner that is specially designed for automated decontamination of medical devices such as surgical, instruments, anesthetic and breathing utensils, MIS instruments and OR shoes.

  • Puradet Ecozyme

    Puradet Ecozyme is a biological cleaner using protolytic enzymes that is designed for the manual and automated decontamination of medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic instruments and utensils.

  • Puradet Drybooster

    Neutral drying booster based on surfactants and organic acids. Reduces the drying time and prevents staining