Puradet Panclear

Description & Application
Puradet Panclear is a powerful blend of organic acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors that is designed to prevent the formation of water hardness deposits in bed pan washers.

Puradet Panclear speed up the drying phase trough reducing the water surface tension on bedpans, prevents nasty water spots and gives a shiny look. In bedpan washers with a steam generator Puradet Panclear will also prevent a deposit of lime of the washer equipment and reducing operational costs.

Primary features

  • Powerful acidic rinsing aid
  • Aids the prevention of water deposits on parts and washer equipment
  • Prevents the build up of water scale in automated washer equipment
  • Reduces equipment damage and loss of efficiency

Puradet Panclear is ideal for clear-rinsing and prevention of lime deposits in bedpan washers for the cleaning and disinfectin of bedpans, urine bottles, secretion glasses and other disposal receptacles and utensils.

Puradet Panclear is compatible with stainless steel, chromium plated metals, plastics, glass and ceramic surfaces. It should only be used in acid resistant dosing systems. The suitability of parts made from other materials should be tested prior to use with Puradet Panclear. Bedpan washers with cooper piping should be processed with Puradet Drybooster.