Puradet Rustpeel

Description & Application
Puradet Rustpeel is a powerful acidic detergent cleaner that is designed for manual and ultrasonic soaking/cleaning of medical devices such as surgical, ward and dental instruments manufactured from Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS), but may also be used in cleaning/washing machines.

Puradet Rustpeel find particular use in overcoming process inadequacies that may arise from poor water quality, insufficient cleaning, usage of unsuitable cleaning products and disinfectants, processing errors or poor vapour quality in the sterilizer.

Where surface changes such as described above appear on instrument surfaces, the whole process must be checked. The instruments concerned should be treated with Puradet Rustpeel, either in an ultrasonic or in a soaking bath. Brand-new instruments should go through an initial reprocessing cycle, before they are used for the first time.
Despite this pre-treatment, instruments made from minor steel qualities may show an irreversible greyish-black colouring after the first sterilization. By treating such instruments with Puradet Rustpeel prior to the first reprocessing cycle, this discolouring can be prevented.

Puradet Rustpeel can also be used for removing silicate coatings during processing of parts in washing machines.

Puradet Rustpeel is registered as a Class I medical Device.

Primary features

  • Powerful acidic detergent cleaner suitable for removal of contaminants from CRS instruments
  • Uses a blend of inorganic acids and surfactant compounds
  • Recovers parts due to inadequate processing

Puradet Rustpeel is a highly effective and safe process for the removal of annealing colours, water marks, rust and encrustation that arise from inadequate reprocessing/cleaning. Puradet Rustpeel is ideal for use in hospitals, health centres, dentists and laboratories.

Puradet Rustpeel is only to be used on parts manufactured from stainless steel. Parts manufactured from untempered chrome steel and unalloyed steel are usually acid sensitive and cannot be treated with Puradet Rustpeel. The same applies to chromium-plated instruments, because there is a possibility that the chromium-plating will detach.