Puradet Alka Plus

Description & Application
Puradet Alka Plus is a alkaline detergent cleaner that is special designed for automated decontamination of medical devices such as surgical, instruments, anaesthetic and breathing utensils, MIS instruments and OR shoes. Puradet Alka Plus does not contain any hazardous components and is a highly effective and safe process for the cleaning against a wide range of protein and organic contaminants from surfaces, including dried on blood and tissue. Puradet Alka Plus is registered as a Class I medical Device. It is safe to use on any surface and has an effective cleaning action in manual, ultrasonic and automated washer/cleaning equipments.

Primary features

  • Table for removal of contaminants from sensitive instrument materials
  • Uses a blend of alkalis, complexing and sequestering agents, detergents and corrosion inhibitors that are effective even in hard water areas and have added safety
  • Reduced instrument damage and repair
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Non-fixative
  • Prevents re-deposition of contaminants and water mark staining
  • Non-corrosive, will not damage delicate coatings
  • Cost effective – improved staff productivity, more flexible
  • Can be used with tap water (safes DI water cost)
  • Can be used without neutralizer
  • High cleaning power with a very low dosage

Puradet Alka Plus is a powerful alkaline cleaning agent some around pH 12 that is ideal for ultrasonic and automated reprocessing of medical devices such as medical instruments and other equipment used in hospitals, health centres, dentists and laboratories. Compatibility Puradet Alka Plus is compatible with stainless steel, chromium plated metals, plastics, rubber, glass and ceramic surfaces. Coloured instruments or parts made from aluminium should be avoided and a neutral product such as Puradet Alka Neutral or Ecozyme be used. Attention should also be paid to information provided by the manufacturer of the medical device to be cleaned (as required by EN ISO 17664).