Puradet Clearrinse

Description & Application
Puradet Clearrinse is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that is designed to neutralise any alkaline residues from cleaning solutions and prevent the formation of lime deposits on process parts and in the washing machine components (e.g. nozzles, pipes, etc.). The acidic rinse aid promotes the drying process for process parts and prevents the formation of water marks.

Puradet Clearrinse is used for rinsing laboratory glassware and labware in washers after the cleaning stage.

Puradet Clearrinse may also be used in reprocessing medical devices and instruments but this application should be restricted to applications where the final rinse water quality does not allow for the use of a neutral rinse aid.

Primary features

  • Acidic rinsing aid
  • Used in rinsing of laboratory glassware and labware
  • Aids the prevention of water deposits on parts and washer equipment
  • Prevents the build up of water scale in automated washer equipment
  • Reduces equipment damage and loss of efficiency

Puradet Clearrinse is ideal for clear-rinsing and prevention of lime deposits in automated decontamination machines for the cleaning and disinfecting of laboratory glassware and labware.

Puradet Clearrinse may also be used as a rinse additive for reprocessing medical instruments where neutral rinse aids are unsuitable.

Puradet Clearrinse is compatible with stainless steel, synthetic materials, glass and ceramic surfaces. The suitability of parts made from other materials should be tested prior to use with Puradet Clearrinse.