Puradet Drybooster

Description & Application
Puradet Drybooster is a blend of surfactants and preservatives that is designed to prevent the formation of lime deposits on process parts and in the washing machine components (e.g. nozzles, pipes, etc.).
Puradet Drybooster promotes the drying process for process parts and prevents the formation of water marks.
Puradet Drybooster is used as a drying booster for all kinds of washer disinfector. Puradet Drybooster does not harm the gaskets and sealing’s of the machine nor on instruments and utensils.

Primary features

  • drying booster based on a neutral formula
  • allows better wetting and drainage
  • shortens the drying time
  • safes the environment
  • prevents the build up of water scale in automated washer equipment
  • makes the instruments smooth and shiny
  • prevents pitting corrosion trough lowering surface tension
  • cares instruments from rusting

Puradet Drybooster is a neutral drying booster and contains a broad material compatibility. All utensils or instruments containing Polysulfone (PSU) or Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) might form stress cracks in the event of contact with rinse aids.These parts must be tested for compatibility prior to processing.